ForStrategies builds ‘strategic bridges’ between shareholders and management on 4 areas:

Acquisition and build-up strategies

Business strategies

Change management strategies

Due diligence on strategy


These 4 principles support the Value proposition of ForStrategies

Me too is never an option

‘The essence of a strategy is the choice to accomplish its tasks in a different way compare to the competitors’


Know yourself

’A good strategy means first to have a clear and shared view of the Today positioning of the Company supported by facts’


Business strategy precedes acquisition strategy

‘Acquisition for further value creation is always supported first by a clear Business strategy’


Execution is a science

‘Good to have a well-thought strategy, Great to execute it to deliver results’


ForStrategies targets on following customers


  • Mid-cap private equity firms
  • Family offices (portfolio of companies)
  • Private owners

Management whith focus on

  • Acquisition strategies
  • International business strategy
  • Technological breakthrough


  • Systems and Services providers
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning
  • Space and Avionic equipments
  • Controls and measurements
  • Medical devices
  • Buildings materials
  • Electro-mechanical

ForStrategies delivers results for value creation

Ebitda increase by:

  • Organic top line growth
  • Margin mix management
  • Acquisition / Merger plan

Multiple increase by:

  • Market repositioning
  • Technology leadership
  • Enhanced business model

Main tools

4 Strategic wheel

Know yourself

Growth path validation

Define, Measure, Analyse

Didier Forget’s PROFILE

58 years old, Geneva based

Strategies: refining, alignment and implementation

Acquisitions/Disposals: generation, diligence & integration of targets in Europe, India, and US

Change management and international Business development

Experience in global Corporations and in LBO environment

Extensive knowledge of Energy, Electro-mechanical equipments, Controls & HVAC industries


President & Chief Executive Officer (2003-2016)

Activity: Leader for air technology solutions for buildings and industry

Key data: €600m revenues, 30 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia & Americas

2 LBOs from 2002 to 2016: 1st with Compass Partners (London based), 2nd with Sagard & Equistone (Paris based)

Main areas of success:

  • Business transformation within an organisation with multi-products, multi-channels and sales in more than 65 countries every year
  • Disposal of the Industrial business (€200m TO with 11 subsidaries in Europe, Asia, and US) to an US listed company (Financial advisor: Goldman Sachs)
  • Acquisitions in US, India, France, Finland, Denmark
  • Strategic exit to Triton Partners in 2016 (Financial advisor: Lazard)

- President & Managing Director @ General Electric Energy Products Europe (1999-02)

3 Businesses: Power Plants in 80 countries, Gas turbines & services

Key data: €1’500m revenues, 11% OM

Nominated officer of GE by J. Welsch

Main areas of success:

  • Best integration ever in GE Energy
  • Double the turnover to €1’500m

- Vice President @ ALSTOM Gas Turbines (1993-99)

2’500 employees in France, Germany, Singapore & Argentina

- Operations Managing Director @ ALSTOM Transformers (1990-93)

- Manager in Algeria and in France @ALSTOM Services (1986-90)

- Project Manager @ MATRA SPACE (1983-86)


Examples of scope of work and deliverables

4S Tools

Before doing anything

  • Formalize acquisition strategy for value creation
  • Screen acquisitions for pipeline generation

4 strategic wheel


  • Strategic fit & Business rationale
  • Valuation
  • Synergies 1+1>2
  • Combined business plan

4 strategic wheel

Valuation method

Financial plan


  • Preparation of Integration/Merger Value Plan (MVP)
  • Organization and cultural changes; risk for value destruction

Post closing

  • Implementation of MVP; People/Process/Plan

Project management


Examples of scope of work and deliverables

4S Tools

Refining Strategy

  • Vision vs Strategy vs Business objectives
  • Know yourself for a successful Strategy

Know yourself

Positioning today and tomorrow

  • Market segment / Market place / Offerings / Value proposition: the 4 elements of the strategic wheel

4 strategic wheel

Top line strategy

  • Differentiate Core business vs Growth paths
  • Technology Innovation driving top line

Growth Path Validation

Cost savings strategy

  • Direct cost (Labour cost, Sourcing cost)
  • Base cost

Define - Measure - Analyse


Examples of scope of work and deliverables

4S Tools

Organisation concept

  • Organisation alignment vs strategy
  • Complex vs Accountable organisation

RKI (Responsibilities, Knowledge, Incentives)

Change management project

  • Improvement vs Transformation
  • Speed is a strategic weapon

DMA (Define, Measure, Analyse)

People & leadership

  • Energize vs Synergize
  • Focus on Demotivation factors

Leadership model

Implementation and execution

  • Execution is a science not an art

Project management


Examples of scope of work and deliverables

4S Tools

Market due diligence

  • Evaluation of Trends and drivers (long term)
  • Historical drivers of the market (cyclicity)

Market intelligence

Customers due diligence

  • Customers survey on value proposition


Competition due diligence

  • Know your competition; Positioning & Operational performance

Benchmark analysis

Resilience of the company

  • Business model resilience
  • Technological barriers and market places exposures

Sensitivity analysis